I am glad to help any one who is injured and need massage therapy!

Over time I have learned how much a relaxing touch can help unwind the body. As massage therapists we can control the pressure of the massage on each client so together we can eliminate pain, discomfort, and stress. And who knows what other positive effects we achieve when we are able to relax.

As we begin our therapy we focus on understanding you. Listening and talking are part of our therapy, so that we keep our good work moving forward. When clients are on the table, we pay attention to the way they breathe, speak, and express facial stress. By letting the shoulders down, stretching the muscles on the lower back, enjoying a scalp massage, foot rub, and calm setting, you can let the therapy take hold.

If we have done a good job working together, we have made it easier for other therapists, such as your physical therapist, to work successfully with you. Your chiropractor can make the adjustments with less stress on their body and yours. Therapeutic massage will get you walking with confidence and a healthy glow. Your boss at work will see that you are focused, with less stress. Since childhood my hands have been drawn to help those in pain, and I am ready to help you as well.

I see an average of 30 clients each week. It makes me happy to help an older woman with a frozen shoulder to move once more, or to relieve four days of pain in joints and muscles with just one hour of massage. It takes open hands and patience, but when you place your trust me, a focused intention guides me to where your muscles need attention and care. Each of my 120 massages a month gives me a good reason to wake up with a smile, knowing that it’s going to be a good day every day.

Always use what you got!


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For over 10 years I have been a massage therapist licensed in the state of Washington. Ever since childhood, I thought of massage as a hobby, nothing more. Ignoring the calling, I worked as a certified nursing assistant. For me,who was born in Colombia, it was a short cut to learning more about America through the eyes of wise older folk. Many of them shared stories, and those with dementia repeated them over and over. With patience I was able to bring them joy. Some clients I worked for six days a week on a 24 hour schedule. It was sad at times and over whelming when my client moved on to another facility or out of this life. It was time to work with people in a different way.

 ImageSitting in a native American church my vision became clear. If I were to work with helping folks move through the day with less pain, it would have to be with massage. In my past I was bruised but kind healing hands touched me and now here I am. With a good bit of nurture by very loving folks, I have been given the chance to live here and raise a family.

 My physical vision is cloudy but my internal methods of seeing are clear. Patience is what I have– just ask the client who visits every Friday for massage to restore circulation. We are working other issues as well, but this client has lost twenty four pounds in six months. No more edema in her legs. I have other clients who are not able to visit my office so I go and give them therapy at home to restore movement. They are able now to cry, laugh, and sleep to recover and enjoy less pain and discomfort as they tend to kids and garden. As a Spanish speaker, I have found that it pays not to forget my native language so I can explain to other Spanish speakers why massage is helpful and why one must finish the treatments for the best recovery.

I will never promise complete healing but I will do my best and feel good that my efforts are well intended.

I am always ready to help you move with less pain.

Here is the sort of good news that a dedicated massage therapist hears from time to time. . My client, who could hardly walk up the stairs for therapy for increased balance and movement, has shown enough improvement that I can say we are both very happy. In addition to the massage therapy,we talk about food intake and healthy choices. So far she has lost over 20 pounds.

Another client is able to sleep without that numb feeling in her arms and hands, and no longer needs support hose to control edema of her legs and feet.

Our doctors tell us what keeps us healthy but often do not have the time to discuss these issues in detail. Sometimes we forget what has been said in our rush to just go home. As a therapist I have plenty of time to listen to you during our hour together to help you sort out your issues and options.

No need to suffer from physical pain!


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Every day I am grateful for having an office to practice my therapy! You visit me and we get good work done ! My wish is for you to spread your wings like a banana tree shows it’s ribs full of rays in what makes structure. That spine structure in the center of what makes the leaf so big, and as time comes and goes like our body if we damage our spine a wrinkle and pain you will have. Burned by time and weather alike our banana trees will live and in time those leafs will grow wide and big! It’s all fine. We can never be able to repair the banana leafs. You are giving the chance to recover by the hands that would love to spread the rays of your creative world, mundane days, structures schedule and guided duties that call to you in the everyday world. Take care!Image

Now you can prevent a Back Attack!


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Now you can prevent a Back Attack!

Muscle manipulation is a form of therapy for chronic issues such as back pain. In Eastern and Western cultures this therapy goes by terms like Swedish, Shiatsu, Trigger Point, and Neuromuscular. At Mindful Massage I use all of these therapeutic disciplines to resolve and help prevent a back attack.

Most people are familiar with Swedish Massage. In this type of massage, the therapist uses long strokes, passive range of motion, and if required, active range of motion. Strokes like kneading or friction techniques can are also used. Throughout the day I see people with their hands on their shoulders, heads, or legs after a work out or a hard day at work, trying to do this on their own. It is best done by a massage therapist who will combine it with other techniques to loosen those tissues.

Shiatsu and Acupressure are best used with finger pressure. Mindful Massage uses the fingers to locate and dissolve adhesions at specific points. In Shiatsu one must be patient to make progress. Holding the pressure will reward the therapist and the client with a welcome sense of the tissue releasing and relaxing. Shiatsu is about energy and the channels our energy travels through. It is best for your back for you to relax and have a Mindful Massage therapist combine these techniques with others such as trigger point.

Trigger Point or Neuromuscular therapy is the best for painfully irritated areas in the muscles. This is also great for breaking the cycles of spasm and pain. If you are already having a back attack, this is the one for you. Along with pure pressure, your Mindful Massage therapist will use breathing to help increase the circulation and get to the deeper tissues.

When you  just don’t want anyone to touch your back during an attack, a good massage therapist will know how to use gentle touches in a calm, patient way. Verbal communication can also calm tension. As we breath through our therapy some of the suppressed emotions are released. It is all about taming tension, increasing circulation, and relaxing your Back Attack.



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How is it that some people seem to stay healthy for years, and others let their health go ?   They all  develop healthy  habits, which allow them to keep their bodies  alive and kicking. People can have a lot of trouble staying healthy.  Luckily, there are skills that anyone can learn. Here are some habits that you’d do well to adopt if you want your date to become your happily ever after. 

 Catch a sense of well being  when you exercise your muscles!

You may start out with yoga  and weights , but the likelihood of being able to sustain that feeling with a busy schedule may be pretty unlikely. Successful people learn to build a set of good habits that work for them. This can be like  romance at unexpected times — during their daily commute, while doing laundry — and in low-impact ways, whether that be a long, lingering work out or just taking a brisk walks and holding hands. In other words, the next time you hear yourself say “Oh, look, we’ve got 15 minutes to ourselves,” make use of it — that’s what keeps the work out spark alive. It is how we take care of ourselves when we are food wise and eating healthy to help our muscles recover. Make massage part of these good habit.  Massage not only feels good but the therapy also helps your muscle recovery. 

 Fights can start when we feel physically or mentally down!

Believe it or not, how we feel physically and mentally is part of  learning how to live right. It  is an important part of keeping chemistry alive. Why? Because if you are constantly  in pain or  some kind of discomfort and don’t deal with it  you can start dragging each other down.  It’s hard to feel mutually amorous if you feel sad, dull, tired, fat, sleepy, or achy. “There is no such thing as a relationship without disagreements,” say my dating coaches who have been married for over forty years. “But if your partner can come to you to talk about their real feelings and concerns, you will have an honest relationship comprised of good feelings and healthy attitudes, rather than sad feelings with no sense of accomplishment.”  Lori, who has been happily married for almost 20 years to her husband Dave, agrees. “Dave and I have learned to listen to each other when we’re upset and we admit when we’re not taking care of our physical or emotional needs. We also make rules to keep up our good habits such as giving compliments and small gifts to show support for successes.” The result is that their chemistry doesn’t wane because they never let their arguments escalate to a personal level. Focus on the issue in our tissue rather than blaming and making excuses. 

 Nurture your pride in taking charge  on your own!

Going off to your Massage /therapy when your sweetie’s out camping  isn’t a sign you two are drifting apart. On the contrary, doing physical or mental work as an individual  allows for a richer life as a couple. By taking time by yourself  you gain a greater appreciation of the gifts you have acquired while doing your workouts. Your partner brings inspiration, enthusiasm, and reassurance to  you. Life  also gives you more to offer in a loving or working relationship because you have more energy to offer. “Some of us find that  it’s very attractive to be independent sometimes,” says Cheryl, a friend who is searching for ways to nurture her self.  As she says “You feel better about yourself and you seem less helpless to  your partner when you’re together.” After all, taking some personal responsibility for your own well-being relieves  others who might be worrying about you. Now we know why it’s ok to  go ahead and nurture some solo adventures. 

 Take on a project with others!

At times we need to be working , exploring new ground together.  As a social species we need one another.  My friend and her husband of fifty years found this out when they committed to their first work out together.  They are  training, hydrating, running, dancing, swimming, and getting routine massages together. The results are in and they are winning the  race to keep fit both physically and mentally. This can bring a whole new level of closeness to a relationship  because of the time spent learning, supporting, reassuring, and keeping each other motivated.  People who take on projects together get a sense of  accomplishment thanks to one another’s encouragement and support



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Loneliness is not good for our health. We are social creatures and crave communication with others.  Our brains need to process information and create experiences. Our emotions are affected by others and so we need positive input.  Massage in the form of muscle manipulation is very helpful in restoring good circulation, a sense of self worth, and a reinvigorated mind and body . The rewards of Mindful Massage are simple yet long lasting.

Depression occurs in some cases because we don’t get enough stimulation.  In the winter time when people think of the cold and the fact they are all alone, their self esteem can fall.  It might be good to talk with friends from the present and past, and to make up with family members so that our issues with them can be cleared up. Just like we need good food to keep us going, we also need exercise to keep our muscles toned and our circulation good. Connect with others and take care of your body to stay healthy and happy.
If we are lonely, we are less likely to eat healthy and make time to exercise. It’s good to remember that we can raise our spirits with music, games, hobbies and interests or just the simple act of connecting with people we care for. The first steps can be the hardest, but we can reach out and feel better just by hearing a familiar voice. If we meet someone who is lonely, we can take time to help them feel more connected.  Take care of the elders in your family. Take the time say hi to a neighbor!



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Mo’s Mindful Massage is evolving always!

Having mastered the parts of the body and how they work, I use what I’ve learned in a mindful way to give you the best results. When you walk in the door, I can start to see by your posture the kind of help that you need. As a therapist I listen to your concerns, and can often suggest the various types of exercises that can help.

When giving a massage in a mindful way, a therapist can feel the receptive body, where the stress lies and the kind of work it needs. In a mindful way my hands melt away the tension.  We’ll both feel intuitively in our breathing when that wonderful moment happens. It takes time, focused energy and a light spirit. Laughter and fun sometimes come along with the feeling of calm release, a part of feeling comfortable and welcome in every way.

As one client always says, a mindful massage is a great way to start a happy, relaxed weekend.

Discovery path


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Each of us is given a spirit gift ( some would say a totem) at birth! In many of the american they speak of this gift and refine it! One can enjoy and define your path as you grow and share with others! At times like this one can enjoy the trip of our destination. You can define your path with every gesture of good well towards others. If one is able to recognize that animals and plants have this gift to. The knowledge is that much greater for taking the time to understand. They have unique characteristics, energies and lessons.
My job is to let you know that in my hands I hold energy and knowledge able to focus the best energy to support you on your path to what ever takes you! A long the way we will learn more and make our medicine stronger!

Mindful Massage accepts most insurances


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We would like to take a moment to remind you about Mindful Massage, a great source for patients with stress, disability and injury related problems. You have previously referred your patients to us for treatment of frozen shoulders, whiplash, muscle tension, migraines or other muscle issues. Depending on your patients’ needs, our treatments include deep tissue massage, heat and ice, Swedish massage, and reflexology.  We have been part of the Everett healing community since 2005.

Mindful Massage is here to support those in need of healing and good physical maintenance.  You can rest assured that your patients will receive appropriate treatment on a flexible schedule with timely, satisfying results. If you ever need any information regarding your patients or our practice, please let us know.

We have openings now for new patients, and we hope that you will think of us when you make your next referral for therapeutic massage. Thank you so much for your kind attention.


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